[OpenAFS] kerberos ticket not set at login on Windows 7

Steven H. Tender tender@umd.edu
Wed, 4 Jan 2012 14:37:40 -0500

I also experience something similar, but with Windows 7 32bit.  When this h=
appens, what should be looked at to determine the cause?  Which logs would =
be useful?

Sorry for the delayed reply, still catching up after winter break.


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Subject: [OpenAFS] kerberos ticket not set at login on Windows 7

Occasionally on some of our Windows 7 computers (64-bit, OpenAFS 1.7.100 th=
rough 1.7.400), we have noticed that OpenAFS tickets are sometimes not obta=
ined when the user logs in or when obtaining a kerberos ticket via Network =
Identity Manager.  Non-administrator users at our site have mappings to a k=
erberos KDC for authentication, so the kerberos ticket is granted from the =
KDC realm every time.

Requesting the same ticket again via NIM--even though the ticket is still v=
alid--will get a valid AFS token.  *Most* of the time the ticket and token =
are obtained without a problem.

Any thoughts on what might cause such behavior?

John Perkins
UW-Madison Computer Sciences

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