[OpenAFS] Re: OpenAFS 1.6.0 with Microsoft Active Directory 2008 - Questions about DES

Douglas E. Engert deengert@anl.gov
Mon, 09 Jan 2012 11:20:14 -0600

On 1/9/2012 10:05 AM, Jeff White wrote:
> Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what about short names would cause problems but I recall hearing about that with AD before so I'll assume it's just a weird thing/bug with Windows. I originally
> created a logon name of 'afs' not 'afs/pitt.edu' so ktpass or something changed it. I started over with an account named afs-pitt-edu-cell, exported the key, imported the key, and of course it still
> has the DES error as expected. Do you think the KdcUseRequestedEtypesForTickets registry change which I can't implement without breaking everything as I mentioned before is why DES is failing? I can
> see in gpresult that DES should be allowed and the DES box is checked on the account so other than that or the attributes Douglas Engert mentioned I don't know what could be wrong and I'll have to
> admit defeat and give up.
> C:\Users\jaw171.AFSDC-DEV>ktpass -princ afs/pitt.edu@PITT.EDU -mapuser afs-pitt-
> edu-cell -pass * -crypto DES-CBC-MD5 +rndpass /mapop add +desonly /ptype KRB5_NT
> _PRINCIPAL +dumpsalt -out afs-pitt-edu-cell.keytab


You are specifying both -pass * and +ranpass This looks like it should be
a syntax error and ktpass may be doing something strange.

Did you then enter a password?

If you were to enter a password you could verify that AD has it
correct and that the keytab is correct,

kinit afs/pitt.edu@PITT.EDU
enter password,
should get a ticket verifying that AD has the password.

On unix create a dummy keytab to compare the keytab created by ktpass:

   addent -password -p afs/pitt.edu@PITT.EDU -kvno 1 -e DES-CBC-MD5
   wkt /tmp/dummy.keytab

klist -e -k -t -K /tmp/dummy.keytab
klist -e -k -t -K  ktapss.version.keytab

> Targeting domain controller: AFSDC-DEV.pitt.edu
> Using legacy password setting method
> Successfully mapped afs/pitt.edu to afs-pitt-edu-cell.
> Building salt with principalname afs/pitt.edu and domain PITT.EDU (encryption ty
> pe 3)...
> Hashing password with salt "PITT.EDUafspitt.edu".
> Key created.
> Output keytab to afs-pitt-edu-cell.keytab:
> Keytab version: 0x502
> keysize 48 afs/pitt.edu@PITT.EDU ptype 1 (KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL) vno 5 etype 0x3 (DE
> S-CBC-MD5) keylength 8 (0x57100bd91a01155d)
> Account afs-pitt-edu-cell has been set for DES-only encryption.
> Jeff White - Linux/Unix Systems Engineer
> University of Pittsburgh - CSSD
> On 01/08/2012 11:50 AM, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
>> Separate from your DES issues, there are two serious problems here.
>> 1. You are creating an account with a logon name of "afs/pitt.edu"
>> instead of something like "afs-pitt-edu-cell" and then setting a Service
>> Principal Name of "afs/pitt.edu@PITT.EDU" on that account.
>> The slash in Kerberos is a name component separator. When aklog
>> requests a ticket for "afs/pitt.edu@PITT.EDU" it is asking the PITT.EDU
>> KDC for the principal
>> "afs" "pitt.edu"
>> Not the principal
>> "afs/pitt.edu"
>> 2. You cannot give the account the name "AFS" or have a short name of
>> "AFS". Doing so will cause name resolution of "afs@PITT.EDU" to succeed
>> which will in turn break all of your deployed Windows AFS clients.
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