[OpenAFS] files does not show the same content

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@your-file-system.com
Thu, 26 Jan 2012 11:52:10 -0500

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Known problem.  Hugh Caldwell of USGS started a thread on this subject
the first week of January.   Potential fixes are in the repository.
When I've fixed all of the things that are necessary for 1.7.5 it will
be released.

On 1/26/2012 5:40 AM, Lars Schimmer wrote:
> Hi!
> Our users do experience some problems with files content in our cell.
> Mostly on Windows x64 1.7.4 clients the content of the file is not the
> same as on other machines.
> e.g. a text file edited on one windows machine with a 1.5.x client,
> safe to ouire filespace, go to 1.7.4 client, open explorer to the
> folder and see: file has new file date, but content of file is not the
> same as on the 1.5.x client.
> The new (edited) content is shown on the 1.5.x client machine and on
> linux machines, and on some 1.7.4 machines.
> IMHO it only is for files edited by clients on windows prior to 1.7.0
> (but I cannot tell 100% for sure, as my users do not remeber everything=
> Our setup:
> 3 OpenAFS DB/Fileserver Debian with OpenAFS 1.6.1pre1
> clients on linux mostly 1.6.1pre1
> windows on workstations 1.7.4
> windows on some labs PCs 1.5.x (windows XP)
> Mostly all in one full routeable subnet, but some 1.5.x clients in
> private Subnet with Cisco Router NAT.
> But Linux clients (who can read the changed content correct) on the
> full routeable subnet as the windows 1.7.4 clients.
> Any idea on howto debug/find the problem?
> (in mid term the 1.5.x clients will be 1.7.4 and Windows 7).
> MfG,
> Lars Schimmer
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