[OpenAFS] settin correct server info in vldb

ayvango ayvango@zoho.com
Mon, 25 Jun 2012 04:21:58 -0700

I was following described in manual procedure for configuration and running openAFS server. But somewhere I've made a mistake. All entries in my vldb database points to (which makes file servers inaccessible from all clients except the server itself)

Some diagnostic output

/etc/hosts:        asu.aaa.bb dali.asu.aaa.bb dali localhost

asu.aaa.bb is the cell name and entry in cellservdb

vos listaddr -noresolve

Those addresses are correct

vos examine usr.username -noresolve

usr.username                       536870921 RW          2 K  On-line
    asu.aaa.bb /vicepb 
    RWrite  536870921 ROnly          0 Backup  536870923 
    MaxQuota   22000000 K 
    Creation    Mon Jun 18 15:36:09 2012
    Copy        Mon Jun 18 15:36:09 2012
    Backup      Mon Jun 18 16:07:44 2012
    Last Access Mon Jun 25 11:56:13 2012
    Last Update Thu Jun 21 17:33:55 2012
    1 accesses in the past day (i.e., vnode references)

    RWrite: 536870921     Backup: 536870923 
    number of sites -> 1
       server partition /vicepb RW Site 

I'd like to rewrite the last string. I should get following instead of
       server partition /vicepb RW Site
       server partition /vicepb RW Site

Fileserver must be accessible from both networks and should not point to which is client-dependent.

What commands should be used to rewrite this portion of vldb info?