[OpenAFS] Windows client install options

Christian chanlists@googlemail.com
Wed, 27 Jun 2012 12:20:11 +0200


let me re-phrase my question. I've read the MSI deployment guide. What 
I'd like to have is a bunch of MSIs that people can install, they should 
not get any questions, it should remove all previous configuration 
files, install the newest version with the changes contained in a 
transform, and be done. Alternatively, it could be a batch file with a 
bunch of calls to msiexec. Ultimately, I would like to run this from 
something like WPKG.

I have often noticed that instructing users to simply install the newest 
version would not help. I had to first manually uninstall, remove all 
the registry keys and folders related to openafs and kerberos, then 
re-install. One example is that on the systems I have seen, if global 
settings for integrated login exist prior to an upgrade, whatever I 
choose during installation will not be honored, and the old settings 
will remain.

The closest I have gotten (on Win7 x64) is this batch file (and I still 
need to manually uninstall openafs and kerberos before I run it):

echo "Please make sure you have uninstalled all openafs and kerberos 
packages before proceeding!"
regedit.exe /s %~dp0\remove_openafs_kerberos.reg
del /s "%PROGRAMFILES%\Openafs"
del /s "%PROGRAMFILES%\MIT\Kerberos"
del /s "%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Openafs"
del /s "%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\MIT\Kerberos"
del "%WINDIR%\krb5.ini"
msiexec /qn+ /i %~dp0\Heimdal-AMD64-full-1-5-100-930.msi
msiexec /qn+ /i %~dp0\netidmgr-AMD64-rel-2_0_102_907.msi
msiexec /qn+ /i %~dp0\openafs-en_US-64bit-1-7-1500.msi 
msiexec /qn+ /i %~dp0\openafs-32bit-tools-en_US-1-7-1500.msi
cp %~dp0\krb5.ini C:\ProgramData\Kerberos\krb5.conf

What is the best way to do something like this automatically? Thanks,


On 23.05.2012 11:48, Lars Schimmer wrote:
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> On 2012-05-23 10:41, Christian wrote:
>> All,
>> we have a bunch of machines with old versions of the windows client
>> left over in ill-defined states (old CellServDBs, old krb5.ini, old
>> registry keys, Loopback adapter installed,...). We currently do not
>> have anything like an Active Directory or other centralized
>> deployment solution.
>> It would be great if we had a batch file on a CD or on the network
>> or something like that, and with one double-click it would wipe out
>> all previous configuration items, remove the loopback adapter,
>> re-install kerberos and openafs, set the cell name and copy the
>> krb5.ini, and possibly enable integrated logon. Does anybody have
>> something like this available or something close which could be
>> modified?
> Sorry, nothing really helpful, but we just did a "remove OpenAFS
> 1.6.x" and a "install Openafs 1.7.x" on our machines and it did worked.
> Even with loopback device still in place and network ID manager not
> updated.
> CellServDB is updated with new OpenAFS version.
> For the autmated installation of OpenAFS 1.7.x with personal changes
> you need to have "transforms" for the .msi pacakge.
> You can write your own or make a contract with your-filesystem.com.
>> Thanks,
>> Christian
> MfG,
> Lars Schimmer
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