[OpenAFS] Windows 7 64 bit OpenAFS: pr_SNameToId not responding`

John Tang Boyland boyland@uwm.edu
Tue, 27 Mar 2012 16:30:16 -0500

I have a student here at UWM who can run NIM and/or aklog and
get tokens (albeit VERY SLOWLY) but cannot access \\afs\cs.uwm.edu
(although they CAN access \\afs\openafs.org).  When they
try to access \\afs\cs.uwm.edu, Windows gives the error:
	\\AFS\cs.uwm.edu is not accessible.  You might
	not have permission to use this resource ...
	The local device name is already in use.

Possibly related, using "aklog -d" apparently times out
after a long pause, printing
	ps_SNameToId Error server or network not responding
before completing successfully (?)
Network Identity Manager similarly is able to get AFS tokens
after a LONG wait.

"net use" shows a drive mapping of \\afs\cs.uwm.edu to z: 
(we can't figure out why it's there) 
but "net use z: /delete" says the network connection could not be found.

net view z:
gives system error 123.

We've tried rebooting and reinstalling NIM and OpenAFS to no avail.

Best regards,