[OpenAFS] Installation of OpenAFS on Ubuntu 11.10

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Wed, 28 Mar 2012 19:51:51 +0200

On 28.03.2012 18:43, Xianwei Zhang wrote:
> Thanks for your timely reply. I am a newbie on OpenAFS.
> My project is on OpenAFS and I will modify the code, so I install from
> source.

If so, please use trunk from the OpenAFS repository. In that case you
could easily get gerrit and interweb into your code.
1.7.1 is really not meant to built on linux and work fine.
the 1.7.x line is meant for windows, not linux.
1.9 will be linux again.

But currently I do not see much reason to change the OpenAFS code for a
backup project. Maybe your needed changes are already in trunk or on
aproject already done for OpenAFS but hangs in "staging area".

> When I compiled 1.6.X, some bugs are there and I found one solutions sa=
> that 1.6 version has an inherent bug  on Ubuntu, so I tried 1.7.1.

check the source packages for ubuntu 1.6.1pre4 - they built fine on
debian and ubuntu so far.
And if still problems do arise, choose trunk.

> The installation is just for writing codes later and I don't need to ca=
> much about the security, kaserver is simpler to test.

If thats the case, please use a stable, working installation with
potential for future use.
Which will be a working 1.6.1pre4 or trunk.
And kerberos 5 and no more kaserver.
On windows kaserver is already striped out of the 1.7.x releases, on
linux it is already depracted in 1.6.x (but still available, more or
less unsupported), it will be striped out in 1.8.x and above.

Esp. if you setup a new cell, even just for a test, do use krb5. It will
make your life easier with future progress of your project with OpenAFS.
Same reason is to use the ubuntu/debian setup for path and start/stop
scripts. It will make your life (and the ones of guys helping you) much
easier and happier.
I do use the debian packages for >7 years now and I am quite happy with

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