[OpenAFS] Windows 7 64 bit OpenAFS: pr_SNameToId not responding`

John Tang Boyland boyland@uwm.edu
Fri, 30 Mar 2012 20:08:21 -0500

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
] On 3/27/2012 5:30 PM, John Tang Boyland wrote:
] > I have a student here at UWM who can run NIM and/or aklog and
] > get tokens (albeit VERY SLOWLY) but cannot access \\afs\cs.uwm.edu
] > (although they CAN access \\afs\openafs.org).  When they
] > try to access \\afs\cs.uwm.edu, Windows gives the error:
] > 	\\AFS\cs.uwm.edu is not accessible.  You might
] > 	not have permission to use this resource ...
] > 	The local device name is already in use.
] The "local device name is already in use" message is a bug in the
] Windows 7 Explorer Shell.   The only part that matters is
] \\afs\cs.uwm.edu\ is not accessible.   When the share is not accessible
] the Explorer attempts to reconnect the device but when that fails to
] make it difference the Explorer forgets to restore the original error.


] > Possibly related, using "aklog -d" apparently times out
] > after a long pause, printing
] > 	ps_SNameToId Error server or network not responding
] > before completing successfully (?)
] > Network Identity Manager similarly is able to get AFS tokens
] > after a LONG wait.
] Port 7005/udp is blocked by a firewall somewhere.   Perhaps all of the
] AFS ports are blocked.

We are able to access openafs.org, just not cs.uwm.edu.
The student opened all firewalls on his machine and router with still
no success.  But that makes sense, since openafs.org can be accessed.

And it seems unlikely the problem is at the cell end, since I
and others frequently access AFS from off the campus network
(as well as on the network, of course).  And the time I was working with
the student, he was on the campus network.

] > "net use" shows a drive mapping of \\afs\cs.uwm.edu to z:=20
] > (we can't figure out why it's there)
] Its there because someone established a drive mapping to it.

That seems likely.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to
un-establish the drive mapping, even with a full reboot.
We thought we had removed it with various "NET ..." commands,
and indeed it seemed to be gone, but it reappeared
the new time we (unsuccessfully) accessed \\afs\cs.uwm.edu

] > but "net use z: /delete" says the network connection could not be found=
] =2E
] >=20
] > net view z:
] > gives system error 123.
] On what "Network"?  "OpenAFS Network" or "Microsoft Windows Network".
] What is the actual output from NET USE?

We ran these two commands in a COMMAND.COM window.
I don't know what your question means.  If I type
and it says
	System error 123
then I don't know if that is "Network" or "OpenAFS Network" or
"Microsoft Windows Network".  Sorry, I don't know Windows very well.
(It could be that the error message had more information
than this.  I was hoping "System error 123" would give
some useful information.  Personally, in my limited experience
I've never seen this error, or the pr_SNameToId error before.)

] > We've tried rebooting and reinstalling NIM and OpenAFS to no avail.
] The problem isn't in NIM or OpenAFS.  Reinstalling is not going to make
] a difference.


After an hour and a half of unsuccessful troubleshooting,
the student has given up and will putty into a campus server
that can access AFS.  Sorry to be so uninformative;
I just wanted to close out the thread.

Best regards,