[OpenAFS] HowTo setup OpenAFS cell PDF, german

Dirk Heinrichs dirk.heinrichs@altum.de
Sat, 31 Mar 2012 08:53:52 +0200

Am 28.03.2012 18:32, schrieb Lars Schimmer:

> The workshop at the Chemnitz Linux Tag 2012 is done and today I
> changed some parts in the script of that workshop. It is now
> available, I just link here the Chemnitz Linux Tag pages, and it is
> still in german. But if you follow the commands, you should be able
> to setup a new cell on your own.

I think I've spotted a small error. The AFS keyfile is named
"afs.keyfile" in your text, but on my (Debian) server it's named
"Keyfile". Is this one of these anoying little Ubuntu/Debian
differences or really a mistake in the text?

Oh, and I think the afs3 enctype is not needed anymore nowadays, or am
I wrong here?

Otherwise great description!