[OpenAFS] Upgrading

Bill MacAllister whm@stanford.edu
Thu, 04 Apr 2013 08:01:11 -0700

--On Thursday, April 04, 2013 05:45:27 AM -0700 J <skyliner306@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Wondering if anyone can offer advice as to how best upgrade OpenAFS
> on Debian 5.0.2.=C2=A0 The OpenAFS kernel module package is listed as
> openafs-modules-2.6.26-2-486.
> Should I upgrade Linux first, then OpenAFS?=C2=A0 Or vice versa?=C2=A0 Another
> option would be to build a new server, but I'm wondering which would
> be the less convoluted path.
> Any tutorials or information you can point me to is appreciated.
> John

If you build a second server you will not need any down time.  You get
the second server working and vos move everything there.  Then
shutdown or rebuild the first server.  It makes sense to just upgrade
the first server and keep it.  Then next time you want to upgrade it
is a lot less work.  If you do it this way you will want to use Russ
Allbery's mvto:




Bill MacAllister
Infrastructure Delivery Group, Stanford University