[OpenAFS] issue with rename/copy/move and locks

Rod Widdowson rdw@steadingsoftware.com
Thu, 3 Jan 2013 09:53:30 -0000

I don't know if it is relevant, but I should add that in Win8 explorer =
is really bad at leaving handles open (worse than Win7 and it wasn't =
very good then).

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> Volume Shadow Copy Service error: The I/O writes cannot be held during =
the shadow copy creation period on volume =

It might we worth seeing whether this is the volume where the AFS cache =
is situated, but it doesn't seem relevant. =20

Other things you might want to check is whether there is a layered =
product installed which filters AFS ("fltmc instances -v =
\device\afsredirector") - these can get confused very easily.

> We are fairly certain that users do NOT have files open underneath =
these folders open. But we have not=20
> test this. The users report that they do not have the files open.

You probably know this but the easiest way to check this is with =
handle.exe (available from Microsoft/sysinternals)..

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