[OpenAFS] some older openafs-client versions have started failing

Mark Vitale mvitale@sinenomine.net
Sat, 16 Jul 2016 04:19:49 +0000

On Jul 15, 2016, at 10:39 PM, Chad William Seys <cwseys@physics.wisc.edu> w=
>  I found the break point in when openafs starts having problems with git =
checkout on my test repo:
> First broken: 3.16.7-ckt25-1        (compiled 2016-03-06)
> Last working: 3.16.7-ckt20-1+deb8u4
> Here is a changelog in case someone knows what to hunt for in:
> http://metadata.ftp-master.debian.org/changelogs//main/l/linux/linux_3.16=

thank you, this was very helpful.  It's almost certainly:

    - vfs: Make sendfile(2) killable even better
    - vfs: Avoid softlockups with sendfile(2)

which are backports from Linux 4.4.  OpenAFS had to disable splice() suppor=
t to be able to tolerate these changes.  You need OpenAFS 1.6.18 or higher =
to obtain relief for this, and indeed you did report that 1.6.18 is working=
 fine for you at this kernel level.

However, this does NOT explain your report of no problems with OpenAFS 1.6.=
17 and 1.6.16.
Could you please confirm that they are working fine?  =20

Mark Vitale
Sine Nomine Associates=