[OpenAFS] permission to run 'fs examine'

Richard Brittain Richard.Brittain@dartmouth.edu
Thu, 17 Mar 2016 16:43:46 -0400

I discovered an apparent change in the access control on "fs examine" 
recently.  The docs say you need 'r' access on the root of the volume for 
this to work, and that definitely used to work.  We use this inside a 
wrapper script for more convenient quota checking, and I was used to 
getting the permission errors, but not any more.

Now it seems to work all the time regardless of tokens or volume ACL, from 
clients on Linux, Mac and Windows.  Our servers are a mishmash of 
versions.  The DBs are and 1.6.5, and the file servers 1.6.9 and  If this access control is a function of the DB servers, then 
the timing of our upgrade to might be consistent with when this 

    The issuer must have the "r" (read) permission on the ACL of the root directory of the volume that
    houses the file or directory named by the -path argument, and "l" (list) permission on the ACL of each
    directory that precedes it in the pathname.

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