[OpenAFS] Windows 10 Pro and OpenAFS Client

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Thu, 30 Nov 2017 09:19:32 +0100

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On 2017-11-29 17:02, Andreas Ladanyi wrote:
> Hi,
> what is your experience with Windows 10 Pro and the latest package
> OpenAFS for Windows ?
> Is there any special what i have to consider at OpenAFS for Windows
> setup and at daily operating on the client ?

Worked fine over here for years now. Depending on your setup of the cell
you do/do not need integrated login and some other special options. In
general you just need to enter your cell name and it works quite well.

But take care, depending on the setup of your windows (secure boot,etc.)
OpenAFS will no more work on windows after 31.12.2017, as the kernel
module has no more a valid signature (in the def. of MS).

> Regards,
> Andreas
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