[OpenAFS] kafs client bugs

Pallissard, Matthew matt@pallissard.net
Tue, 12 Feb 2019 11:16:59 -0800

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First off, great job to everyone involved on getting kafs working. I'm pret=
ty pleased overall and super stoked that we have an in-tree client in the w=
orks. =20

I'm running into a few issues when transferring more data than RAM on the b=
ox.  Without really digging into it I've noticed that dd or cp seem to cras=
h once operating system cache eats up /roughly/ all the RAM on the box.  Th=
is leads me to a few questions;

1. Anyone else run into this yet? =20
2. Is there an issue tracker?  I found the todo page, but haven't found whe=
re to report bugs and related information.
3. Is there a "get involved page"?  I'm not a great developer by any means =
but I'm not completely incompetent either.
   - Do I just submit patches?  Where to?  Is there a style guide, etc?

Thanks in advance

Matt Pallissard

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