[OpenAFS] 14 Jan 2021 08:25:36 GMT Breakage in RX Connection ID calculation

Andreas Hirczy ahi@itp.tugraz.at
Thu, 14 Jan 2021 20:55:37 +0100

Benjamin Kaduk <kaduk@mit.edu> writes:

> Just to confirm: what method did you use to "restart a client"?

Reboot :)

Just installing the client fixed my most pressuring issues, but reboot a
client is not an option at the moment.

>> | root@faepop78 ~ # ls /afs/itp.tugraz.at/
>> | /bin/ls: cannot open directory '/afs/itp.tugraz.at/': Connection timed out
> I also get connection timed out for /afs/itp.tugraz.at/ but can access
> other files, from my laptop running the debian package that I am about to
> upload to unstable, with all three patches.

Our AFS cell is firewalled - sorry.

Thanks for your packages!
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