[OpenAFS] Networking AFS related problem

renyhp renyhp@disroot.org
Thu, 3 Feb 2022 15:39:44 +0100

I actually solved the problem in a very dumb way. Turns out I had never
rebooted my phone or cycle my mobile connection since the problem
appeared. I just rebooted and the problem was gone.
> It is unlikely that an ISP is blocking UDP traffic.=C2=A0=C2=A0 The most =
> causes are a poorly implemented firewall in a home router or an
> organizational firewall that is blocking a range of IP addresses which
> have been used in prior attacks.

My ISP confirmed there was no block of my traffic. My guess would be
that I was showing up to the server with an IP address that was being
blacklisted in some way...

Anyway, thank you everyone for all your help! It turned out to be kind
of a waste of time, sorry for that.

Thank you again,