[OpenAFS-testers] OpenAFS 1.2.7 Release Candidate 1 now available for testing

Garry Zacheiss zacheiss@MIT.EDU
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 01:35:48 -0400

A compressed tar file of OpenAFS 1.2.7-rc1 is now available at:


Changes in this release include:

  - Support for MacOS X 10.2.

  - fileserver will use rx pings to determine what clients are listening
    for responses, preventing asymmetric clients from consuming all
    fileserver threads.

  - When running with fakestat on MacOS X, provide fake information to
    the Finder to prevent it from descending into every directory
    looking for Contents and .DS_Store.  Note that this precludes
    reliable use of entire volumes as MacOS bundles (i.e. containing a
    Contents directory in the root of the volume).

  - Userland utility support for SunOS 4.x.

  - Various and sundry bug fixes.

Please try out this candidate release and report your findings.

Garry, for the OpenAFS Gatekeepers