[OpenAFS-port-darwin] Patches to make OpenAFS on Mac OS X more user-friendly

Steve Lidie sol0@Lehigh.EDU
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 13:16:13 -0500

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On Monday, Jan 13, 2003, at 13:42 US/Eastern, Alexei Kosut wrote:

> I finally got a chance to clean up a few patches to OpenAFS that we've
> been using here at Stanford to make AFS on Mac OS X more user-friendly
> and similar to our (AppleShare-based) Mac OS 9 and Windows clients.
> Hopefully others will find them useful as well:

With patience from Alexei, I have all the patches described below 
installed. He even described how to create a new openAFS.pkg for a 
double-click install.  Many thanks.

> The patches are against OpenAFS 1.2.7 and are available from
> <http://rescomp.stanford.edu/~akosut/macosx/openafs/>.  I haven't
> tested with 1.2.8, but they should apply cleanly and work with a minor
> change to afsd.patch (s/28/29).
> - permission.patch
>     Conservatively fakes the mode bits on files and directories, so
>     that the Finder and other apps using the Carbon and Cocoa
>     libraries don't try to restrict access based on them.  This means
>     that all AFS files can be easily accessed from the Finder without
>     needing to change uids or taking any other extraordinary measures.
> - mount.patch
>     Allows AFS to be mounted multiple times, each mountpoint with its
>     own root volume.  This allows usage similar to the Windows client,
>     e.g., mounting a drive that contains only the user's home
>     directory.  Our users find this much easier to work with than
>     having to navigate the entire AFS tree in the Finder or open/save
>     dialog.
>     I have also included mount_afs.tar.gz, which provides a
>     "mount_afs" command that can be used to mount a volume and
>     register it with the DiskArbitration system so that it shows up in
>     the Finder immediately and can be ejected correctly by the user.

When I, as a tokenized AFS user, try to eject my home directroy mounted 
via mount-afs, all I get is a Finder beach ball. It doesn't show up in 
a df output, but the icon remains on the desktop.

>     Note that this patch also makes it so that /afs (mounted by afsd)
>     will not unmount unless MNT_FORCE is given.  This prevents the
>     user from accidentally ejecting /afs in the Finder, and also works
>     around a DiskArb bug in Mac OS X (maybe fixed in 10.2?) where
>     autodiskmount would sometimes unmount /afs when logging out, even
>     though it's marked as non-ejectable.

Trying to eject /afs => beach ball ...

> - afsd.patch
>     This patch has afsd register /afs with the DiskArbitration system
>     when mounting it.  This means that the root afs volume shows up in
>     the Finder immediately, and prevents the Finder from getting
>     confused by additional AFS volumes later on (i.e., if you use
>     mount.patch, you need this one too).
>     Also adds a "-nomount" option to afsd, which prevents afsd from
>     mounting /afs.  We use this by default on our Mac OS X client, so
>     that AFS doesn't show up in the interface at all unless the user
>     explicitly asks for an AFS volume to be mounted.  This is

  I've tried editing 
/Library/OpenAFS/Tool/root.client/usr/vice/etc/afs.rc, but that must 
not be the proper file (; So far /afs continues to be mounted.. hmm.

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--- afs.rc.orig	Wed Jan 15 12:43:24 2003
+++ afs.rc	Wed Jan 15 13:09:01 2003
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
 if [ -r /var/db/openafs ]; then
-   AFSD=/usr/sbin/afsd
+   AFSD="/usr/sbin/afsd -nomount"
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@
 echo "Starting afsd"
+$AFSD -nomount $OPTIONS
 # Run package to update the disk

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A find didn't turn up any other afs.rc files.

>     especially handy for portable or remote users who don't always
>     have a network connection, since there isn't an AFS filesystem
>     around to hang the Finder if the AFS servers can't be contacted
>     (the cache manager may still hang, but since there are no AFS
>     volumes mounted, the rest of the OS doesn't notice).
> - rc.patch
>     The standard OpenAFS SystemStarter (rc) script uses grep, which
>     isn't part of the base Mac OS X install (it's in the BSD package).
>     This patch replaces the use of grep with perl, which is always
>     available.