[OpenAFS-port-freebsd] Patchset...

David E. Cross crossd@cs.rpi.edu
Fri, 29 Nov 2002 00:46:18 -0500

Ok.. I've been a bit busy with openafs lately.  I have a few sets of patches.

The first, and the easiest/most critical is to the 1.2.7 tree; it resolves
the problem of leaking vnodes, and prevents that nasty panic about
running out of stats.  I'd like to submit this patch to whoever 
needs it.  I have also contacted the FreeBSD port-manager about bringing
this code in.

The second patch, still highly experimental, but so far very good, 
removes entirely the OpenAFS vnode's handling, and places it (where it
should have been all the time) under the kernel's management.  This has the
"side effect" of removing the need for -stat, and having a much cleaner
overall interface with the kernel.  There are a couple of issues with
this, and I'll need some help tracking them all down I feel.

I've also been asked by at least 2 people to help with the 5.0-CURRENT
testing/development.  If people have patches to send me, I can work on them;

So... what do I do now?

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