[OpenAFS-port-freebsd] Patchset...

Matthew Emmerton matt@gsicomp.on.ca
Fri, 29 Nov 2002 11:32:07 -0500

> Ok.. I've been a bit busy with openafs lately.  I have a few sets of
> The first, and the easiest/most critical is to the 1.2.7 tree; it resolves
> the problem of leaking vnodes, and prevents that nasty panic about
> running out of stats.  I'd like to submit this patch to whoever
> needs it.  I have also contacted the FreeBSD port-manager about bringing
> this code in.
> The second patch, still highly experimental, but so far very good,
> removes entirely the OpenAFS vnode's handling, and places it (where it
> should have been all the time) under the kernel's management.  This has
> "side effect" of removing the need for -stat, and having a much cleaner
> overall interface with the kernel.  There are a couple of issues with
> this, and I'll need some help tracking them all down I feel.
> I've also been asked by at least 2 people to help with the 5.0-CURRENT
> testing/development.  If people have patches to send me, I can work on
> thanks
> So... what do I do now?

I submitted a small set of patches to Derrick a while ago that added the
groundwork for 5.0-CURRENT support (adding an AFS SYSID, updates to the
configure and Makefile to allow compilation on 5.0-CURRENT), but I don't
know what's happened with them.

I've also got a bunch of other stuff in progress to fix up all the #include
nastyness that -CURRENT brings with, but I haven't touched this for at least
a month.

I'll forward the first set of patches to the list today.

Matt Emmerton