[OpenAFS-port-freebsd] Re: port-freebsd digest, Vol 1 #46 - 3msgs

Matthew Emmerton matt@gsicomp.on.ca
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 18:18:14 -0500

> > > For those who want to get OpenAFS into the ports collection for 4-x,
> > > by all means go ahead.
> >
> > I think everyone would be extatic to have it on 4.X and work happening
> > to move it forward to 5.X.  :)  More eyes and exposure is good.  -sc
> Exactely! Matt, could you try to put the port for 4-STABLE somewhere
> for me to be able to download it? I will test it on my 4.x and 4-STABLE
> machines and we could make it 4.x port only. But I don't know even where
> to get patches needed (if they are any needed).

I don't have anything for 4-STABLE.  All my dev machines run 5-RELEASE.
Someone else will have to step up with 4.x patches.  (I did notice that the
latest CVS doesn't have support for 4.7 or 4.8).

Matt Emmerton