[OpenAFS-devel] openafs cell and contrib area?

Love lha@stacken.kth.se
14 Dec 2000 05:15:13 +0100

Derek Atkins <warlord@MIT.EDU> writes:

> The point of shortcuts is only for local (user) convenience, and you
> don't lose the global namespace.  For example, you could have
> /afs/athena -> athena.mit.edu, /afs/sipb -> sipb.mit.edu, /afs/andrew
> -> andrew.cmu.edu, etc.  The canonical namespace is still the same,
> but local users can still have the convenience of short names.
> Obviously, "pwd" would give the long name.

Even built in pwd in the shells ?
> If you don't like shortcuts, you don't have to use them. :)

Of course I have to use them, as soon as I hit a symlink that uses the