[OpenAFS-devel] Anyone working on Darwin and Mac OS X support?

Chaskiel M Grundman cg2v+@andrew.cmu.edu
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 23:16:08 -0500 (EST)

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[OpenAFS-devel] Anyone work.. by Chris Hanson@bDistribute 
> Is anyone working on Darwin or Mac OS X support for OpenAFS yet?
I am. CMU has been doing some work on afs for darwin/MOSX for about 6
months. Things got stalled a while back when I ran into a disagreement
AFS has with any 4.4bsd kernel. The filesystem guys at apple promised a
patch to help out with this, and it was included with the "113" kernel
drop that was pushed to CVS yesterday. Now I just have to get said
kernel to build..... After that, I need to port my port to openafs, and
I should be able to make something available that, while alpha quality,
is a functional read-write client (the code I have now supports caches
on both UFS and HFS. I may have to remove the HFS support in order to
not violate the APSL.)