[reiserfs-list] Re: [OpenAFS-devel] more on the 2.2.18pre17 SMPcpu hog/etc.

Andi Kleen ak@suse.de
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 23:42:34 +0100

On Mon, Dec 04, 2000 at 05:33:38PM -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Andi Kleen <ak@suse.de> writes:
> > There were plans to add a "key" interface, that would default to the current
> > nfsfh.c implementation and could be overwriten per file system. Unfortunately
> > it looks like it'll be 2.5 material now :-( That key would be somewhat larger
> > than even 64bits though, more like 32bytes. And at that size you could also
> > just pass a small filename in. 
> Egads.. 32 bytes!?!  Well, I suppose I could always just use the inode
> number at init time, obtain and cache the key, and then use the key
> for future invocations :)

There just is no VFS interface to handle the object ids right now (and it looks 
unlikely that it'll be added in 2.2 or 2.4) 
2.5 will hopefully have 64bit inode support to user space that would allow 
reiserfs to export a complete file identifier and make AFS happy.