[OpenAFS-devel] RH 7.0 RPMs of OpenAFS

R. Lindsay Todd toddr@rpi.edu
Mon, 04 Dec 2000 18:40:47 -0500

Derek Atkins wrote:

> There are a set of RPMS built on RH 6.2 (which should work for
> RH7), which will be released RSN on the openafs.org site.  These
> RPMS are built against the 2.2 kernels.

Kind of related: I've been working on an RPM spec file for IBM AFS.  With
RedHat 7, there are problems with some binaries that link against ncurses,
like "scout" and "fms".  I worked around this by breaking up the package into
a number of RPMs, like "client", "server", "development", and "monitor" (for
scout, etc.).  This works OK since my client systems don't really need
monitoring tools.

Anyway, it wouldn't surprise me that building OpenAFS on RedHat 6.2 would
yield RPMs with the same trouble (dependency on back-level ncurses) that
IBM AFS has.

Has anyone compiled OpenAFS on RedHat 7 with the 2.2.16 kernel?  RedHat seems
to have done, um, strange things to the kernel header files.


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