[OpenAFS-devel] RH 7.0 RPMs of OpenAFS

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
04 Dec 2000 22:19:32 -0500

"R. Lindsay Todd" <toddr@rpi.edu> writes:

> Kind of related: I've been working on an RPM spec file for IBM AFS.  With
> RedHat 7, there are problems with some binaries that link against ncurses,
> like "scout" and "fms".  I worked around this by breaking up the package into
> a number of RPMs, like "client", "server", "development", and "monitor" (for
> scout, etc.).  This works OK since my client systems don't really need
> monitoring tools.

Well, I do seperate things out into a common package, -client,
-server, -devel, -kernel, and -kernel-source.  Actually, I don't think
I even packaged up scout or fms :)

> Anyway, it wouldn't surprise me that building OpenAFS on RedHat 6.2 would
> yield RPMs with the same trouble (dependency on back-level ncurses) that
> IBM AFS has.

Oh, it might.

> Has anyone compiled OpenAFS on RedHat 7 with the 2.2.16 kernel?  RedHat seems
> to have done, um, strange things to the kernel header files.

I think that there is a patch that deals with this.

> /Lindsay


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