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Jeremy Katz katzj@linuxpower.org
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 15:32:58 -0800

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On Monday, December 11 2000, Derrick J Brashear said:
> On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, R. Lindsay Todd wrote:
> > I modified the spec file to add CC=3Dkgcc, and rebuilt.  It is
> > definitely using kgcc now, but it still fails on kdump.c.  (You
> > can't build this with the normal gcc, either.)  But the make
> > progresses enough that you still have a usable client, and if you
> > make the changes I mention to protect against the "make" exit code,
> > the RPMs build.
[snip build error]=20
> The right way to fix the problem will involve a bit of work, but will fix
> for gcc and kgcc alike. /usr/include/{asm,linux,scsi} are not linked to
> /usr/src/linux/include/{asm,linux,scsi} but instead are coming from
> elsewhere. I need to get more details to figure out exactly why this is
> happening, but my suspicion is that if you change CC to
> "gcc -I/usr/src/linux-$LINUX_VERS/include" and build kdump, it will work.
> When I have more details, I will share.

The /usr/include/{asm,linux,scsi} directories are (correctly according
to Linus) the headers which glibc was built with as opposed to the
headers for the current kernel.  This is more correct as you do
generally care about what features your glibc supports when compiling
programs for userspace than what your kernel could theoretically support
if you recompiled glibc. =20

The obvious exception to this is for modules and other programs which
need information on kernel internals, but these should be told where to
look for the actual kernel source. =20



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