[OpenAFS-devel] NT 4.0 Install without InstallShield5 help needed.

Frank Guarino Frank.Guarino@JZLink.Com
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 11:33:08 -0800

Hi All,

Does anyone have, or knows where to get, a detailed list of changes
needed to install an afs client on Windows NT 4.0?  Since I don't have a
copy of InstallShield 5 and can't get one since InstallShield no longer
sales that version, I have not been able to build the installation
package.  I've been trying to use some freeware installation tools, but
I need to get a more complete list of the necessary registry entries
before I can finish. I've been trying to get the information in the
InstallShield5 installation files, but I can't seem to locate all the
necessary entries.

If someone could post this information or at least upload a binary build
into the openafs download space so I can extract this information
myself, I'd appriciate the help.

- Frank Guarino

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