[OpenAFS] login information

Corey Kovacs ckovacs@DEPAUW.EDU
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 16:06:45 -0500

First, thanx again to everyone who responded to my previous question
regarding the volume creation error. The solution was of course that I
had skipped a step (restarting the server process) all is well with the
volumes now :)

New Question:

I want to use the AFS server to handle the authentication for the
clients as
well as supply their home directories etc. so that the users have only
to issue
one password response. I have read that one must either have local login

information (home dir etc) predefined by some other means, either by
using a bunk passwd file or NIS/NIS+ etc. In the documentation for
AFS it seems to point out under creating users etc that you can set this

information through AFS. Is this true or must I use one of the other

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