[OpenAFS] RE: OpenAFS

Neulinger, Nathan R. nneul@umr.edu
Wed, 1 Nov 2000 13:26:13 -0600

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> >>> Neulinger, Nathan R writes:
>   NNR> I didn't need it... Not sure why he did... The build worked
>   NNR> just fine for me without washtool present.
> did you have any trouble with the solaris 5.x kernel modules?  if i
> don't use -k on the make, the build failes and it's always in the
> MODLOAD section.  i went ahead and completed the compilation with -k
> but don't know yet what all i'm missing.

Only trouble I had was on 5.6 the build failed due to some curses symbols in
gtx. It worked just fine on 5.7. In fact, I'm running the client on 5.7 and
one linux 2.2.16 right now without any trouble. 

> also, were you concerned at all about the afs version of fsck not
> being made available?  i know why, but don't know what exactly to do
> about it.

Well, yes and no... It means it most likely isn't suitable as a file server
at the moment - although I wonder if maybe they changed it to operate like
the linux version of 3.6? The linux version of the 3.6 fileserver actually
creates files that are visible on the filesystem, hence no need for a scary
fsck replacement. (At least that's how it looked to me.)

-- Nathan