[OpenAFS] openafs-1.0.2 on SuperSPARC (Solaris 8 32Bit)

Andreas Sindermann sinder@thp.Uni-Koeln.DE
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 15:53:20 +0100 (MET)

Chas Williams writes:
 > >  I think this will not help. I compiled it on 64bit machine and it does
 > >not work on 64bit machine (your compiled module is OK as I wrote you
 > >earlier). Problem is the same as was written, ls in small directory is
 > ok, so to make this clear: the module i have built works fine, 32-bit
 > or 64-bit, any numbers of files in the directory?

It works on a 32bit (we are talking about 32bit only on a SS20, I
assume), the directory having a large number number (492) of files.

 > after applying the -04 patch did you completely recompile 1.0.2
 > from scratch?  its unlikely the build scheme would have dependencies
 > on system header files.

No, that is something I will try out on tuesday. I upgraded the
machine from from 108528-03 to 108528-04 after(!) compilation. Sorry
for the misunderstanding. After re-compiling the sources with the new
Kernel Patch I'll check whether libafs.nonfs.o will work or not and
will send you the logfile.