[OpenAFS] windows 2000 trouble

seph seph@commerceflow.com
08 May 2001 17:51:01 -0700

I'm having some trouble getting the current DEST.zip to work under
windows 2000. It installs fine, when the afs client starts, I see
traffic going to my afs server. I can get tokens, but I can't browse

my hostname and netbeui name is "test32"

I have a dell machine, that I re-installed using dell's win2k+sp1 cd.

I installed the netbeui protocol.

I then installed the win2k support tools from the cd, and configured
authenticating against a MIT kdc.

I dug up the lanacfg util from microsoft.

I then unzipped the DEST.zip and used the add/remove programs control
panel to install only the afs client.

I created and set HLM\system\currentcontrolset\services\netbt\parameters
DWORD SMBDeviceEnabled = 0

lanacfg reports that NetBEUI->netcard is on LANA 3
and that WINS tcp/ip->netcard is on LANA 0

in the afs client control panel, there's a "mount directory"
option. it's preset to /afs

I tried all permutations of:
LANAs 0,3,4,5,6
mount directories: /afs, \\afs-test32\afs, \\afs-test32, \\afs, \\test32\afs

and was unable to browse afs as any of:
\\afs, \\afs-test32\afs, \\afs-test32

in no case did I get anything useful looking in the event logs. just
some long error messages that seem to be saying it doesn't know how to
display "afs started"

how am I supposed to be doing this? are things case sensitive?