[OpenAFS] libkrb524 for Heimdal?

Johan Danielsson joda+openafs@pdc.kth.se
15 May 2001 17:28:10 +0200

Miroslav Ruda <ruda@ics.muni.cz> writes:

> Currently there is some krb524 support in Heimdal which hopefully
> can be used for getting tokens using MIT aklog agains Heimdal KDC.

Should work, yes.

> But what about inverse situation? Do you know how to get token
> (using Heimdal binaries) from MIT KDC?

Doesn't it just get a afs service ticket, convert it to v4-form using
the krb524d, and then shoves it into the kernel?

If it's this simple, it should work. So where does it fail?