[OpenAFS] Status of OpenAFS on RH7.1 SMP?

Vladimir Kondratiev vladimir.kondratiev@intel.com
Tue, 15 May 2001 23:57:13 +0300

For me openAFS 1.0.4 build and run with no problems. 1.0.4, RawHide, 
2.4.3 kernel from ftp.kernel.org.
I use afs for both UP and SMP.
I guess, you better use kernel from ftp.kernel.org. RedHat kernels uses 
lots of patches, some of them are, for sure, good,
some maybe not... I downloaded kernel source and used RedHat's config 
file from kernel-source rpm.

Erik J Burckart wrote:

>I can't get a build of the latest snapshots, the 1.0.4 rpms or source
>rpms, or the 1.0.4 source to work on an SMP RH7.1 box.  Anyone have luck
>with this?
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