[OpenAFS] AFS workshop at Usenix '01

Esther Filderman ecf@psc.edu
Thu, 17 May 2001 16:02:02 -0400


Derrick Brashear, Ted McCabe, and I would like to invite you to
participate in a one-day AFS workshop at Usenix 2001. The conference
will be held June 25-30th in Boston.  The workshop itself will be held
on Tuesday, June 26th.  The conference information is available at

The workshop is designed to be a forum for education and information.
All participants should be prepared to actively discuss a variety of
AFS and Arla related topics, but should also be aware that every topic
raised by participants may not be covered.  While you are not expected
to be an expert in every topic raised, workshop participants -are-
expected to speak up, whether they ask questions or offer information.

We would like all potential participants to submit at least one of:

 - a list of topics they would like see discussed, about AFS, OpenAFS
and/or Arla

 - an abstract for a short paper or talk (20-25 minutes) to be
presented on work done or in progress relating to AFS, OpenAFS or Arla

We would like to gear this workshop more towards the technical end and
development of OpenAFS and Arla, although no AFS/Arla related topic
will be shunned. 

Submissions and questions may be addressed to: afs-workshop@psc.edu.
If you are considering offering a paper or talk, please get in touch
with us as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Derrick Brashear
Carnegie Mellon University [& OpenAFS Elder]

Ted McCabe
Massachussets Institute of Technology [& OpenAFS Elder]

Esther Filderman
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center