[OpenAFS] rh71, oafs 1.04: unloading unused kernel module crash machine

Simon Josefsson simon+openafs-info@josefsson.org
21 May 2001 22:13:13 +0200

Rmmod.  But looking at the afs rc.d script, the only difference seem
to be that the script umount /afs before rmmod'ing, and in my case
/afs wasn't mounted since it didn't find any servers.

I've verified this on another machine, and it happens there as well.

I don't think it's the disk problems someone else suggested, the crash
happens exactly after rmmod, and I've no problem with disk access
before the rmmod.

(The machine is a laptop, and sometimes out of wavelan-coverage..)

Derek Atkins <warlord@MIT.EDU> writes:

> By "unload the kernel module" do you mean, literally, 'rmmod libafs'
> or do you mean running '/etc/rc.d/init.d/afs stop'?
> -derek
> Simon Josefsson <simon+openafs-info@josefsson.org> writes:
> > This seems pretty reproducable: On a vanilly redhat71 (i386) machine
> > with openafs client installed, unplug the network, restart afs (e.g.
> > reboot machine), and after it has timed out to the servers (and you
> > get to a login prompt), unload the kernel module.  Boom.  No OOPSes
> > but any disk related operations (i.e. almost anything) hang
> > indefinitely.  The machine still answers ping though (if you plug
> > network back in, that is).
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