[OpenAFS] AFS Workshop reminder [Was: Re: ...Those That Help Themselves ]

Esther Filderman ecf@psc.edu
Thu, 31 May 2001 11:12:37 -0400

(pardon the crossposting)

Tom Midgley sez:

> One possible venue to voice your concerns about the future of OpenAFS is at
> the USENIX conference in June.  There's going
> to be an "AFS Workshop".  For more details see:
> http://www.usenix.org/events/usenix01/activities.html

So far the number of attendees is growing strong but we still have room for
more. We especially have room for a few more talks.  Anyone done or doing
anything interesting with AFS or OpenAFS?  This isn't formal; you don't need to
write a paper.  A few slides and the ability to blather about 'em [preferably
with intelligence, or at least a good imitation :-)] for 20 minutes or so is
what we're looking for.

> For those of you who can't attend, perhaps you can still voice your
> concerns or recommend a topic for conversation to the
> moderator of the workshop (e-mail addr listed on web page).

We're looking for folks to submit lots of topics, hopefully as their
application to attend.  Nobody's limited by just one topic.  

All workshop traffic should go to afs-workshop@psc.edu.


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