[OpenAFS] Partial replication

Turbo Fredriksson turbo@bayour.com
05 Jun 2002 07:23:43 +0200

>>>>> "Charles" == Charles Clancy <security@xauth.net> writes:

    Charles> So, if you're not going to replicate any volumes or the
    Charles> vldb, and your accounts are already on kerberos, the only
    Charles> thing left is ptserver.  It seems to me that there's not
    Charles> much point in providing that as a backup service, if
    Charles> there's no accessable files for the protection server to
    Charles> protect.

    Charles> AFS is a File System.  Without any files, there's not
    Charles> much point, especially if authentication to possibly
    Charles> other services is handled by kerberos on a seperate
    Charles> machine.

I have to think hard about about what I really want to do, and if there's
anyway of achieving it.. Thanx for the input, I'll get back if/when
I figure out what I want :)

    Charles> Well, it depends.  If you don't have enough drive space
    Charles> to replicate all your volumes and in theory prevent any
    Charles> down-time at all

When we are on the subject, I think I remember (when I read the Admin
guide a couple of months ago) that the 'replicas' are read-only. Did
I misunderstand/misread that part? A read-only 'replica/slave' isn't
of any use... ?
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