[OpenAFS] Max file and Volume sizes

Chris Eborn chris@clear.ltd.uk
Mon, 11 Aug 2003 18:57:11 +0100

Hi there,

Could somebody confirm the max file and volume sizes for openafs please. I
running 1.2.10 on Redhat Linux 8 (2.4.18 kernel).
The file size seems to be 2 gig on my installation. I started tarring a
and this crashed out when the tar file grew to 2 gig. I nosed around in the
docs and
found some references to the max volumes size being 8gig (the proposed
projects section). So then I tried copying
the tar file, planning to do this 4 times and see if the 8gig max volume
size was real
and this crashed the afs daemons on the first copy!
AFS was looking really good until I ran into these problems - it is mainly
client side caching that is really important to me as I have a bunch
of workstations accessing film frames that are 12meg each.