[OpenAFS] AFS vs Intermezzo vs CODA - how do i choose?

Noel Burton-Krahn noel@bkbox.com
Sun, 7 Dec 2003 14:40:04 -0800

Last time I checked, only OpenAFS ha a Windows client.  Coda and Intermezzo
do not have Windows clients.


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> hanasaki <hanasaki@hanaden.com> writes:
> > Hello all,
> > Just getting started with AFS and I have learned there are at least two
> > other Filesystems that are similar (or at least I think so).  How do I
> > choose between AFS/Intermezzo/CODA?
> > It appears that CODA is an AFS spin-off?
> > I will be running servers on debian sarge with kernels of 2.4.x and
> > 2.6. Clients will be the same, and at some point in the future, possibly
> > Win2000/XP.
> I don't know anything much about Intermezzo in particular, but the normal
> thing to note about AFS vs. CODA is that CODA, while theoretically more
> sophisticated, was a research project that never really reached production
> stability, whereas AFS is in production use all over the world.  I really
> wouldn't recommend CODA except to people who are looking to experiment
> with network file systems and who are willing to do some development and
> porting work to play with something.
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