[OpenAFS] Re: openssh-3.7.1, pam and no token after login

Hendrik Hoeth hendrik.hoeth@cern.ch
Wed, 17 Dec 2003 00:13:19 +0100

That's a hint. With UsePAM yes in my sshd_config I'm asked for my
password and then for the AFS password. If I enter both, I get a token.
So what happens now with the try_first_pass option of the afs pam
module? Is it ignored? Or is the password not passed to the afs pam
module the first time?


Thus spake John Koyle (jkoyle@rfpdepot.com):

> IIRC, the default settings for OpenSSH changed with version 3.7.1.
> Have you checked to see if
> UsePAM yes
> is configured in your sshd_config file?  If not, try setting that and
> restarting sshd.

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