[OpenAFS] Problem configuring server on Windows 2000

Jayme Cox jayme@reality.net
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 22:17:08 -0800

Ken Beal wrote:
> I have been able to configure the client and connect to openafs.org and
> browse, so I know I have good connectivity and the OpenAFS client works.
> However, I can't get the server to work.  The Server Configuration Wizard
> complains about not being able to open the log file (which I fixed by
> creating the directory "C:\PROGRA~\IBM\AFS\Serverlogs" and restarting the
> Wizard).  When I get to the end, and click "Configure" it pauses for a
> couple minutes and then gives error 0x00004634, saying it couldn't start the
> BOS server.

I had the exact same problem. Seems all the paths in the openAFS Windows 
executables are screwy. I had to recompile from source to get it to work 
If you'd like a 1.2.7 version that will at least install and start 
correctly, you can download the one I compiled at:


However, I am a unix guy myself, so can't really help much on the 
windows side...