[OpenAFS] Cannot start client on Windows 2000 SP2

Peter J. Nicol openafs@vrl.com.au
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 15:55:16 +0800

>  > Ok, I don't have any 'tokens' and have no mapped drives.  Client is
>  > asking for a password.  Is there any public system I can use to test
>  > this stuff out?  Do I need a guest or anonymous password?
>  There's no guest account, but a considerable part of the openafs.org cell
>  is world readable, 95% of it in fact. Someone else will need to explain
>  how to use the client as a guest but I believe it is possible.

apologies, they have now 'miraculously' turned up.  I guess I was just a bit

>  It's possible with a warm cache to run binaries on a client out of cache
>  and not be sad, but if you need to pull some large across at 28.8 you'll
>  be sad. It's not really any worse than any other protocol in that sense,
>  but in the filesystem case it's perhaps easier to forget the gun is loaded
>  and whoops, you didn't need that limb, right?

Derrick, thanx for your help, but I really don't understand the gun analogy.  Are
you saying a warm cache is unsafe?