[OpenAFS] WAN filesharing (was Cannot start client on Windows 2000 SP2)

Peter J. Nicol openafs@vrl.com.au
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 16:08:26 +0800

>  > Derrick, thanx for your help, but I really don't understand the gun
>  analogy.  Are
>  > you saying a warm cache is unsafe?
>  Nope, just that with a file system you can get lulled into a false sense
>  of "local", and then suddenly you find yourself waiting for your window
>  manager to be fetched at 14.4k. The issues will be a little different with
>  Windows and a faster modem, but the analogy still applies.

Ok, situation is this, two offices connected via ADSL VPN, max thruput 256Kb/s,
and a few remote users from home accros 56Kb/s modems and VPN.

I originally wanted to use NFS and fileservers are Linux, and then decided on
Samba, when I ran across a posting on slashdot recommending AFS.


Whilst researching AFS I got the impression that the client side caching would be
very useful.  Offices need to swap drawing files between design and manufacturing
and word docs etc.  Is what you are saying applicable here?  That is, is AFS a
good solution to this?

>From playing around now, it seem noticably faster than SMB filesharing with