[OpenAFS] v1.3.6200 on windows fails to start

Rodney M Dyer rmdyer@uncc.edu
Thu, 01 Apr 2004 19:22:58 -0500


At 06:56 PM 4/1/2004, Derek Atkins wrote:
>Why don't you just suggest

You can't use that address on a Windows box.  The address is a 
built in loopback address built in to the TCP/IP stack.  This loopback 
address exists even without the MS Loopback virtual network adapter installed.

When configuring the MS Loopback virtual network adapter you must remember 
the following on Windows...

1.  Windows already provides the TCP/IP loopback address

2.  The MS loopback virtual network adapter will automatically be provided 
the following by Windows routing...

      a.  TCP/IP broadcast resolution.
      b.  Loopback resolution
      c.  Network broadcast resolution.
      d.  Multicast resolution.

In this case your subnet mask must always allow for at least 4 
addresses.  Eg, the rightmost two bits of the mask must always be zero.

3.  You may also be running some local applications that the loopback 
adapter will interfere with if you set an address that is outside your 
network.  At our site for example, several of our applications are 
licensed.  The license code built in to those applications must think they 
are on the proper subnet.  Some of the applications looked at the loopback 
address instead of the real network card.  In that case the software didn't 
run.  We had to use a loopback address that was within our own subnet.