[OpenAFS] Fileserver process hung on startup

John Morris openafs@butchwax.com
02 Apr 2004 14:52:38 -0600

So, after messing with this for a couple of days, I just left it alone. 
Then another day passed, and it just magically started working again.

Now I'm getting another weird problem.  I'm getting a 'connection timed
out' error on my home directory (the most-used volume on this server),
but all other volumes seem to be operational.  The timeout is on all
clients, including the one running on the fileserver.  This has been
going on a couple of hours now; at one point, it magically started
working again, and then magically stopped again after a couple of

The difference between this time and last time is that other volumes are
online; and of course, port 2040 is being listened on, unlike last
time.  Doing a bos salvage completes normally, but doesn't help.

Is any of this stuff ringing any kind of bells, or am I the only one in
the world with this problem?

Thanks again for all your help-


On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 00:38, Derrick J Brashear wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, John Morris wrote:
> > Cool, got the strace.  After the expected loading of .so files and
> > config files and such, we see it contact the vldbs of the other two
> > servers and do a 'rt_sigsuspend'; the second from which it never
> > returns.  Is this a thread locking issue?
> maybe, but if so the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL should have fixed it, unless someone
> broke that, and one would hope if they did that they'd also have fixed
> pthreads.
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