[OpenAFS] /afs does not exist

Horst Birthelmer horst@birthelmer.de
Wed, 14 Apr 2004 15:35:43 +0200


another thing that came into my mind,
take look at the FileLog maybe the fileserver gets restarted every few 
You should see anything suspicious in the BosLog as well if that 


On Wednesday, April 14, 2004, at 03:10 PM, J S wrote:

> I have a bit more information on this now.
> The AFS DB server (rsl155) was patched to AIX 4.3 ML 11 last week and 
> as a result of this /etc/services got overwritten. We set kerberos to 
> port 88 (but the default was 750). I have corrected that now and have 
> been told to wait 30 mins and see if the afsd reads /etc/services 
> otherwise reboot the box.
>> Hi,
>> how long is the bosserver reporting that??
>> If it's just a few times. Don't worry that happens when your 
>> volserver starts before your fileserver is around. (or was it the 
>> other way around??) I'm not quite shure.
>> If the bosserver does this for a rather long amount of time, (let's 
>> say a few hours ;-) ) you might have some other problem. Maybe some 
>> name resolving problem from DNS or hosts file.
>> Horst