[OpenAFS] problems configuring openafs on linux

Temp tempone@isg.si
Fri, 30 Apr 2004 11:20:14 +0200

I didn't call you lazy or lame i was just guessing that might be the reason, 
since you couldn't help me with this simple missconfiguration.
> I guess people on this list are totaly lame or just plain lazy since the 
Now i know you didn't have the time to read trou all of my mail.

If your time is so limited and costly, don't you think it would be viser to 
ignore me and direct your attention to help other people who give out less 
detailed info about their problems and try to guess how to help them?


On Thursday 29 of April 2004 15:20, you wrote:
> Temp,
> Why don't you read YOUR comment, then think and write about how
> insulting it is to those of us who spend countless hours answering
> questions FOR FREE.  I'm sorry, but calling us "lame" and "lazy" is
> rather insulting.  It's CERTAINLY not a way to win friends and
> influence people.  Frankly, this has nothing to do with being nice --
> this has everything to do with responding to an insult from an
> ungrateful user on a FREE support line.
> If you want to call me "lame" and "lazy", I'd appreciate it if you're
> paying me my consulting rate of $250/hr.  While you're paying me that
> then you can call me those names as much as you want.  However in FREE
> support channels it is usually expected that you're nice to the people
> there, and try hard not to be insulting.
> As for the other people on this list who provide a valuable service to
> the community (again, FOR FREE), I don't think ANY of them are either
> lame or lazy.  Busy?  Yea.  But not lame or lazy.  It's easy to miss a
> single-line error in 100 lines of data.
> -derek
> Temp <tempone@isg.si> writes:
> > Just read this comment, then think and write if you don't think it's
> > futile. --
> >
> > Temp <tempone@isg.si> writes:
> >> I guess people on this list are totaly lame or just plain lazy since the
> >> problem was obvius to every openafs nonbeginer.
> >
> > Hey, what do you expect from a free support line?
> >
> > -derek