[OpenAFS] OpenAFS & Linux kernel 2.6: please have a trackable bug report / task ?

John C. Welch jwelch@bynkii.com
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 16:29:14 -0600

On 2/19/04 12:21 PM, "Holger Brueckner" <lists@net-labs.de> wrote:

> what will you all do if your distributions will switch their default
> kernel to 2.6 ? this will probably happen really soon and there won't be
> a tested 2.6 client available till then.

Then you wait to update. In enterprise/large scale environments, "If it
ain't broke LEAVE IT ALONE" is far more the rule than the exception.

Upgrading a production server to a new kernel without proper testing is a
fast track to the unemployment office.


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